Gary, where nature is reclaiming its rightful place.
An ongoing photo series which was featured in an article by Ruth Lopez for the Chicago Reader.

For years Gary has attracted photographers, most of whom come to capture the ruins. Michelle Litvin, an artist and photojournalist who specializes in architectural photography, spoke of the undeniable appeal of the city’s abandoned buildings. With Gary changing so dramatically with the decay giving way to impending demolitions, Litvin feels it’s urgent to document the city. She started out working on a series of images that explored the edges of town, making a conscious effort to avoid, as she put it, the go-to eye candy of so-called “ruin porn.” “I’m drawn to aspects of metropolitan Gary,” she says. “The first is how nature is encroaching on the built environment—paradise is unpaving the parking lot.”

Michelle-Litvin_Gary-6 Michelle-Litvin_Gary-5 Michelle-Litvin_Gary-4